Top tips for your family photo shoot!

“But I really hate having my photo taken!”

Ok don’t stress. ALL of our previous clients will tell you how easy it was being in front of our camera. We love to capture natural shots and eliminating the old fashioned, cheesy posed photos takes away most of the pressure. A lot of the time, we will be taking photos when you and your family don’t even know. Snaps will be taken when you are giggling amongst yourselves and these photos create the best results. We will have you laughing more than we will have you posing! Promise!

“What if it rains?”

I’ll contact you if I feel we won’t get great results because of the weather. Don’t worry – I’m more than happy to reschedule to another date free of charge.

“Do we need to bring anything?”

Do’s –
A small snack can be useful to bribe the children (or the husband!)

Props can be a great idea – a favourite scruffy teddy, bottle of bubbles etc..

Dont’s –
Large handbags tend to get in the way, so better left at home or locked away in the car

Large mobile phones, wallets and bunches of keys in pockets can be a distraction

Is there a better time of the day to have a photo shoot?

Not necessarily! Although, a fab time of day to get brilliant results is during the ‘golden hour’. This is when the sun is setting and creates that gorgeous golden sunlight. If you can keep the kids up and awake – in the summer this is about 7:30 – 8pm.

If we go during the daytime, bright sunshine can make everyone a little bit squinty so we will take most of the photos in the shade and still get fantastic results! Cloudy days often aren’t bad at all for good results!

If you have children, go with the time of day when they are at their ‘peak’ i.e. relaxed and likely to listen heheh!

“What do we wear?”

We want to create stunning images that you love looking at, so make sure you’re looking your best! A subtle matching colour theme within the family can look great. Large logos on items of clothing aren’t recommended.

“What if the children don’t smile?”

Beforehand, tell the kids about the shoot and get them excited! Practice a few fun poses (like being on Dad’s shoulders!). If they’re a little nervous around strangers, tell them you’re meeting a friend. Most importantly – the best results will be of you acting naturally… I’ll be capturing all of the giggles and funny faces, so embrace it and have fun!

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