Chris J Turner Photography is run by ourselves, Husband and Wife Chris and Cal! We are Wedding Photographers based in Solihull, travelling far and wide – shooting the most incredible weddings across the UK!

Likes – Coffee, cricket & anywhere with a beach!

Hates – Rain, wasps & crunchy peanut butter!

Likes – Scruffy dogs, sunsets & chocolate

Hates – Spiders, the sound of people chewing & wind turbines (they give her the creeps!)

What can you expect from us?

Great communication!
Lots of fun and laughter!
A super relaxed & informal experience.
100% in everything we do.

Are we the right photographers for you?

We will let you be the judge of that!
Let’s guess… You’re planning a slightly edgy, fun wedding. You’re relaxed, fun and breaking a few traditions. Your big day is going to be a little out of the ordinary and you already know we’re going to love it! Most of all, your biggest dread is a long day of yucky posed photographs. You want us to capture those moments without you even knowing it. It looks like we’re onto a winner, I think we’re going to get on just great!

Here’s a few things about us!

Our Photography is greatly un-posed. This means we capture your day in a documentary style, capturing all those little moments that tell the story of your big day!
We live in a semi-rural area in the West Midlands with our gorgeous son Fred and scruffy Terrier Buddy. If we’re not behind the camera, we’re enjoying family life and you may find us on a beach somewhere!
Chris is the main photographer and number one joke teller…
Cal is the editor, album designer & social media queen (powered by chocolate)…
We  adore travelling to all Wedding destinations, we’d love to hear more about your big day – drop us a message!