Laura & Jake

As with so many of our other couples, Laura & Jake postponed their wedding due to the pandemic, so when their big day finally arrived – it was super exciting!
What made it even more special was the day’s celebrations were held at Jake’s family home – ‘Abbot’s Grange’. This stunning Manor House was built around 1320 as the summer manor for the Abbot of Pershore. With the most stunning grounds, gorgeous architecture and uninterrupted views of the rolling hills – it really is one of Cotswold’s hidden gems! A huge marquee was decorated beautifully in the gardens and the entire property was surrounded by amazing floral displays.
The girls spent the morning pampering themselves at the grange and when the time came for Laura’s father to come and collect her for the ceremony, he was blown away by how incredible she looked. With the most stunning, open backed dress, complimented with a full length veil – she really did make a beautiful bride.
Laura and her bridal party made the short stroll up the road to the magnificent ‘St Michael’s Church’ where their guests were excitedly waiting inside. As the organist and a live trumpeter started performed, the doors to the church opened Laura and her father made their way down the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony with one of their friendliest vicars and readings from loved ones.
Once they were officially Mr & Mrs Taee, guests showered the newlyweds in confetti before we all enjoyed the walk through the village back to the Grange. Drinks flowed as everyone basked in the glorious august sunshine and everyone loved exploring this stunning property. Children were entertained with their very own ‘play zone’, including a fun filled teepee!
The wedding breakfast was held in the splendid marquee, followed on by some fabulous speeches! As the late summer sun began to set in the sky, Laura & Jake took a stroll through the grounds and we captured some absolutely dreamy ‘golden hour’ shots. It was then soon time to take to the dance floor as husband and wife before the band truly got the party started!
Before leaving, we couldn’t resist creating something magical with Laura & Jake under the union jack at the front of the property. Here’s to a married life full of happiness!