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 – Winters Barns – A truly phenomenal day! –

Sami & Matt met when they were both training at Hendon – a police training school. Sami’s favourite thing about Matt is that he makes her laugh every single day – ahhh! These guys then went on to work in the same borough and their loved blossomed from there.

When it came to Sami & Matt’s engagement, Matt had chosen the beautiful Scottish highlands as a backdrop. He was faced with a very nerve racking day as he carried Sami’s gorgeous engagement ring precariously around the mountains. Sami says that she didn’t make it easy for Matt.. She is the first to admit that her bossy nature meant she intervened at all the wrong times, unknowingly preventing Matt from popping the question at various points..! Eventually surrounded by picturesque snow topped mountains – Matt was final able to ask that all important question.. and of course, Sami was delighted to say yes!

“You & I”

This amazing couple have a perfect balance. They love spending time with friends and family as well as one another. Sami & Matt love to treat themselves with a meal out and admit they LOVE food. (We think this may be why we get on so well guys..!) Cooking together is also another of their favourite pastimes.

When it came to the planning of their big day, colour choice was an easy one. Both of these guys love the colour purple so it went without saying! Lavender was a running theme throughout the wedding too. Sami & Matt have always had a love for lavender – both its look and its smell.
Music was a big part of their day. The table names were all songs which mean a lot to them. I do believe they also had a message of best wishes from Stormzy on their wedding day too..! Pretty cool huh! Angela Hall, a wedding pianist also pre-recorded wedding music for Sami & Matt and this included the song used for walking down the aisle – Fab idea! The Barns have a gorgeous, rustic feel and every single accessory Matt & Sami chose complimented this theme so well. Each element was perfectly planned.

“There is nothing in this world that can keep me away from you”

For us, we literally loved every second of this day. It was a dream for any photographer. We already mentioned – and of course run the risk of making them feel big headed(!) – but Sami & Matt were truly the best people to work with. For this, we thank them immensely as it makes our job feel like a hobby. Winters Barns also works like magic for a wedding day. Personally, we feel that having the bliss of being able to get ready, married and party in one location is the way forward. Winters Barns has added brownie points as both Bride and Groom can get ready here. The staff and all of the wedding suppliers were also wonderful. All in all – perfection!!!

Music: Angela Hall Wedding Pianist

Make-up: Lauren Elle

Hair: Paul McSweeny

Cake: Chelsea Buns

Flowers: Amanda from Distinctly Floral

Dress: Utopia Brides

Video: Neil Solliss

Selfie Mirror: Neil from Odyssey

Decor: Jenny from The Creative Venue

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